PROTEST SAFAROV RELEASE! Dreptate pentru Gurgen Margaryan!

Posted on septembrie 3, 2012


        Faptul – deplorabil în sine – că genocidul Turciei împotriva poporului armean din 1915 nu a fost încă ferm şi unanim condamnat de comunitatea internaţională nu poate servi drept acoperire pentru muşamalizarea unei crime individuale săvîrşite împotriva unui locotenent armean de un soldat dintr-o armată, culmea, aliată!
       The Hungarian government extradited (released) Ramil Safarov, the unrepentant Azerbaijani soldier who murdered Armenian lieutenant Gurgen Margaryan, in his sleep with an axe, during a 2004 NATO training exercise. Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev immediately pardoned and then freed Safarov upon his arrival in Baku.

Please take a moment to protest this travesty of justice by taking the following actions.

1) Call, Email or Post a Facebook message to the Hungarian Ambassador to the U.S., His Excellency György Szapáry, to share your thoughts in a principled, polite, but firm manner.

Call: (202) 362-6730
Facebook Post:…

2) Send a free ANCA WebMail and call President Obama to urge him to build upon his expression of concern and press for Safarov’s immediate re-incarceration for the remainder of his life sentence.

To send a free ANCA Webmail, please simply fill out the form below, review and revise the sample text and click „Send Message”

To call President Obama, please call the White House comment line at (202) 456-1111, where an operator will take your message (you may be placed on hold until an operator is available).


The ANCA had written to Ambassador Szapáry, on August 29th, prior to Safarov’s release, to urge the government of Hungary to not extradite him, in the interest both of justice and the cause of peace in the Caucasus. (The text of this letter is provided below).

PDF of ANCA Letter to Hungarian Ambassador

On August 31st, upon news of the release of Safarov, the ANCA called on President Obama (see text of letter below) to „publicly criticize Hungary’s extradition of a known and unapologetic terrorist, to openly condemn Baku’s subsequent release of Safarov, and to demand his immediate re-incarceration for the remainder of his life sentence.” The ANCA letter, signed by Chairman Ken Hachikian, stressed that: „A lack of a forceful American response to this grave injustice would, in addition to compromising our nation’s moral standing, undermine prospects for peace by emboldening an increasingly heavily armed Azerbaijani government to continue inciting its own citizens to violence and to encourage it to continue making threats and to commit actual acts of aggression.”

PDF of ANCA letter to President Obama

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