Un mare premiu internaţional pentru tînăra artistă clujeancă Alexandra Mureşan: JUTTA CUNY-FRANZ AWARD 2013

Posted on mai 2, 2013



Thank you to all participating artists. This year, we received 164 entries from 28 countries! 


The Awards

Jutta Cuny-Franz Memorial Award




alexandra muresan


Talent Awards of the Jutta Cuny-Franz Foundation 

 Eunsuh Choi, Republic of Korea


Maria Kosh hjerter
Maria Koshenkova, Russia


Honorary Diplomas 
Marie-Anne Baccichet, France
Jeffrey Sarmiento, USA 

Pentru mai multe informaţii daţi clic aici: Cuny2013

Jury of the Jutta Cuny-Franz Foundation:
Prof. Dr. Christoph Brockhaus, former director of the Lehmbruck-Museum, Duisburg; Prof. Anthony Cragg, director of the Art Academy, Dusseldorf; Dr. Helmut Ricke, former head of the Glasmuseum Hentrich, Dusseldorf; Dr. Elisabeth Scheuba, lawyer, Vienna; Dr. Dedo von Kerssenbrock-Krosigk, head of the Glasmuseum Hentrich

The prize is awarded to artists who make significant use of glass in their works.

The artists who participate should not be older than 40, and their work (sculptures, objects) should not be older than 2 years. Each participant can present up to three works.

The Jutta Cuny-Franz Memorial Award is endowed with 10000 Euro. Two talent awards are endowed with 1500 Euro each. Awards may be split between contributions of equal rank. The awards and a number of honorary diplomas are granted every two years. The winners are chosen without possibility of recourse to legal action by a jury.


Jutta Cuny-Franz Foundation

The Jutta Cuny-Franz Foundation was founded by Ruth-Maria Franz (1910–2008) to honour the memory of her daughter, the artist Jutta Cuny (b. 1940), who died in an accident in 1983.

Jutta Cuny-Franz was one of the most distinguished protagonists of European glass sculpture from the mid-1970ies until her early tragic death. Shaped by sand-blasting from solid blocks, her sculptures opened new paths of glass art that even today have not been fully explored. Her cubic, evenly formed and polished glass blocks feature a complex, matted interior form. Jutta Cuny found in transparent glass her own material.

Due to gracious donations by Ruth-Maria Franz, the Glasmuseum Hentrich owns today what is probably the largest public collection of works by the artist: five major sculptures and a few smaller works.

The Jutta Cuny-Franz Foundation was initially located in Vienna, Austria. Following the wish of the foundress, it was transfered in 1994 to the Glasmuseum Hentrich in Dusseldorf, Germany. The glass museum forms part of the Museum Kunstpalast (formerly Kunstmuseum). It bears the responsibility for accomplishing the foundation’s future tasks.

The foundation’s mission is to encourage young artists who show unusually promising talent and who make significant use of glass in their works. Particular weight is given to the Jutta Cuny-Franz Memorial Award. It is endowed with 10000 Euro, and two talent awards are endowed with 1500 Euro each. The awards and a number of honorary diplomas are granted every two years.

Another part of the foundation’s activities is the organization of exhibitions in Dusseldorf of award winning works. A major overview was given in 2000 with the exhbition „Spiritual Approach”.

(Sursa: http://www.smkp.de/en/collections/glass/jutta-cuny-franz-foundation/jutta-cuny-franz-award-2011.html)

             Felicit din toată inima tînăra artistă şi pe fericiţii ei părinţi: Ana şi Ion Mureşan!

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