Ruxandra Cesereanu „călătoare” cu… „Budila Expres”!

Posted on august 9, 2015





Budila Express—A Hypothesis

Ruxandra Cesereanu on Alexandru Muşina


Statia Budila vedere in perspectiva

Staţia Budila. Perspectivă


Statia Budila

Staţia Budila vazută din partea opusă liniilor.

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            „I have read the poem Budila Express many times, always with the feeling and the lucid intellectual realization that it is a generational poem, a collective rather than an individual ars poetica. It is, truly, the epitomizing poem of ‘Generation 80’ and of Romanian poetry thirty-five years ago. There are quite a few poets of that generation whom I enjoy reading (poets who have indeed left a mark on our literature) but Alexandru Muşina was not actually among the ones I started with; his turn came a bit later, and only after I had read my Mircea Cărtărescu, Ion Mureşan, Traian T. Coşovei, Magda Petreu, Magda Cârneci (or Ghica, by her original pen name), Liviu Ioan Stoiciu, Aurel Pantea, and so forth. I only got to Alexandru Muşina and Mariana Marin a decade or so later, for no specific reason other than that it took their books a bit longer to reach me. But here I’ve got a confession to make: It is not the irony and parody in Muşina’s poetry that really appealed to me in the first place, but its sober-toned sequences and its ample, ritualistic developments. It is true that this poet’s gravity has always been closely shadowed by irony or self-irony, but the latter still only comes in acceptable portions, distilled, typically, through profundity. An out-and-out ironic and parodic Muşina would hardly have left a deep imprint on me; the sober one, though, with his subdued irony, has made quite an unexpected impact.”

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